Independent Doors Limited is proud to offer a range of top quality residential and architectural hardware products to suit both residential and commercial applications.

The Independent Door hardware range consists of mortice locks, lever and knob furniture, key in knob and key in lever sets, door closers, general hardware and hinges. Our range also includes a wide variety of security entry locks for exterior doors and a selection of fire rated hardware for our fire doors.

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Not sure whether to install round knob or lever handles?  Check out our tips below to help with your decision.

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Should I install round knobs or lever handles?

The decision to install round knobs or lever handles within a development or renovation is generally down to personal preference (and cost). We’ve put together some thoughts on both of these options, in order for you to make an informed decision.

Round Knobs

  • Round knobs make a great design statement and can be extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • The benefit of a knob door handle is that there are usually available matching knobs of smaller dimensions that can be used for fitting to cupboards and wardrobe doors. This assists with allowing for a consistency within your decorating and design ideas.
  • A disadvantage of “knob” furniture when installed close to a door edge is that it can cause the knuckles of one’s hand to hit against the door jamb/frame causing injury (and annoyance).
  • A problem of turning the knob can develop if the latch mechanism is not properly matched to the knob. Subsequently the multiple operating springs can sometimes be hard to turn against. Poor installation if round knobs can also add to this difficulty.
  • It is extremely important that purchasers take care in selecting the correct latch mechanism and if in doubt ask for our assistance before making this choice.

Lever Handles

  • Lever designs are numerous and have aesthetic qualities. There is a large variety to choose from which allows you to add levers as a support to your design, or alternatively as a statement piece on your doors.
  • An advantage of the lever over the round knob is that the design places your hand well away from the edge of the door. This is useful in the case of narrow door styles (often found in sets of French doors) which do not allow a large installation back-set from the door edge.
  • Another advantage of the lever is that people suffering from arthritis are able to get more leverage and do not need to grab the handle as you do with “knob furniture” in order to access the door.
  • One disadvantage of the lever is that you can inadvertently get the lever caught on your sleeve or loose clothing, leaving you tangled with the door – a large risk if you are carrying something or moving at speed.

To discuss which option is best for you, talk to one of our specialists – we’d love to help.